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NFS on Mac OS X

My Ubuntu Kickstart Virtual Machine relies a lot on NFS for sharing ISO images from Mac OS X to the Kickstart Virtual Machine. Some people copy large ISO files to the VMs which I believe is not a good idea, waste of time and disk space.

This is a short and sweet post of how I share various Linux distros ISO files with my kickstart server. And if you run out of loop devices check out this post.

I have kept all my ISO files under /Users/vikas/Documents/ISOs and made my Mac as a NFS Server and my kickstart virtual machine as NFS client.

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Useful OS X Applications for System Administrators

I have started heavily using my new Mac for both personal and professional use. Learning curve of OS X passed much sooner than I expected (less than a week). As mentioned in my previous post I have migrated from Windows to OS X, here I am listing out the alternative softwares which are helping me out to be as productive I was on Windows.

I might add few more down the line, but as of now these are good to take me off.

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Useful Windows Softwares for System Administrators

I am super excited to announce that I am leaving Windows forever to follow my love for a Unix based operating system. For last 8+ years, I have been using Win XP/7/8 as my primary OS for work (obviously). Now, I have got myself a Macbook Pro and will live my rest of live with OS X :)

It is definitely not that I don't like Windows, but I strongly feel it is good for desktop machines and not for servers. I know this is debatable, and different people will have different views on this, but this is my personal opinion - no pun intended.

Before ditching Windows, I would like to list down few softwares which made my life as a Sys Admin easy and yet efficient.

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