Sort Tabs in Sublime Text

As I have ascertained in earlier posts for posts for Windows and Mac OSX that Sublime Text is an awesome tool.

Not only I use it heavily to write ruby and shell scripts, but also puppet codes and even for my blog posts which uses Markdown. The gold just not lies in writing codes, it is overall an excellent text editor which makes it a 'must have' utility on everyone's machine.

By far, I have just found one functionality missing in this divine software, the option to sort tabs. Let me know if you find any thing else missing in this too, or rather Google it out, may be there is a plugin for it.

My work involves to keep multiple files open at the same time, at times more than 30-40 files at the same time. Sublime Text gives me an option to open multiple files in tab view, but dearths a way to sort tabs, which in my view is pretty useful when working with multiple files.

Let's do it. The process of enabling the functionality of sorting tabs is pretty simple on Mac and Windows.

Install Package Control

Download Package Control and copy it to below directories depending on your OS.


C:\Program Files\Sublime Text 2\Pristine Packages


~/Library/Application Support/Sublime Text 2/Installed Packages

Quit and Re-open Sublime Text

Add a repository and install SortTabs package

Now, the process is similar for both OSX and Windows.

Tools -> Command Palette -> Package Control: Add Repository -> Tools -> Command Palette -> Package Control: Install Package -> SortTabs

That's it, now you have a new menu item under View

Hope this helps. Thanks for reading.

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