Useful OS X Applications for System Administrators

I have started heavily using my new Mac for both personal and professional use. Learning curve of OS X passed much sooner than I expected (less than a week). As mentioned in my previous post I have migrated from Windows to OS X, here I am listing out the alternative softwares which are helping me out to be as productive I was on Windows.

I might add few more down the line, but as of now these are good to take me off.

These are the softwares which I had mentioned in my previous post for Windows softwares. It was great to find these on OS X too.

SnagIT (Shareware)

Textpad (Freeware)

Textpad was not readily available for OS X, but I installed it through CrossOver Mac with some minor tweaks. I have adapted myself to Sublime Text now, and have junked Textpad for good.

Sublime Text (Freeware)

I am using Sublime Text for all my needs now, it is awesome once you get used to it.

VMware Fusion (Shareware)

Alternative to VMware Workstation on Mac is VMware Fusion and hey works great. I have not tried other alternatives on Mac, as this just worked great for me with some minor changes. I was able to import my VMware Workstation VMs seamlessly, I was particularly concerned about my highly customized Linux Kickstart server.

Here goes the list which glued me to few hours of Google-ing to find the right choice for my nature of work.

Forklift (Shareware)

Mac Finder is lacks in many different ways. Try Forklift, I bet you will love it. It has so many features to boast about like connect to file/folder drag, creating a file, AWS S3 mounts, and many more.

ChronoSync (Shareware)

I love my data more than anything else. Even the thought of losing it creates enough ripples in my brain. I regularly backup it to my Netgear NAS which further is RAID 1. The mundane task of one way sync (my laptop to my NAS) is like a walk in a park thru ChronoSync. This is a paid software but every penny spent is worth it.

Viscocity (Freeware)

I use this robust VPN tool to connect to customers' environment. Pretty stable and no issues at all so far.

iTerm2 (Freeware)

This one is much better that default OS X Terminal. My OS X alternative to xShell. I still love the look and feel of xShell, but iTerm2 still does a good job. It also has a tabbed interface and options of aligning windows horizontically or vertically. Additionally, I use SSH keys for password less logins combined with aliases to my Unix boxes now.

Microsoft Remote Desktop (Freeware)

My work involves me to RDP numerous windows servers at the same time, by far this tool has been the most efficient for me. Still I would like something like mRemoteNG for Mac too.

The Clock (Shareware)

I have customers scattered around the globe, thus I need to have multiple clocks and this app does the job perfectly.

Lock Me Now (Freeware)

It was hard to believe that I could not find an option to lock my laptop on OS X. This lightweight app just sits on your top bar and gives you an option to lock your Mac in just two clicks. Alternatively, you can create a shortcut key combination to do the same. Now, I lock my computer by command key plus 'l' (⌘+l) combination.

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